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Gasket・seal packing

These are used for sealing rotating and reciprocating parts of oil pneumatic machines used in automobiles and various industrial machinery.
This prevents liquid leaks and external foreign matter and dust from entering. In addition to this, there are kinds such as O-ring and diaphragm. In addition to general materials, it can be manufactured with acrylic, silicon, baymac, fluorine rubber, etc., and can be manufactured up to 600mm x 1,000mm for product size.

Anti-vibration rubber

These are used for the coupling part of the engine body and the body and the suspension part, and the vibration transmission is reduced.
Other include engine mounts, bushes, struts, and stopperes.


These are used as a fixed part such as harness, cable, pipe, hose, etc., and there is a wide variety of products. The coating includes hard pvc (shrinktype), soft pvc (coding type), rubber paste type, and rubber-baking type.


These are mainly used for fixing fuel and hydraulic pipes. It is excellent in heat resistance and durability of axial force at the vibration part, and can be manufactured with acrylic, silicon, and fluorine. There are adhesive type and baking type.


Non-yellowing urethane sponge, heat-resistant urethane sponge, low-temperature urethane sponge, shock absorbing raw urethane sponge, good-feeling urethane sponge, natural-derived urethane sponge features
(1) with its original polymer design technology, We have granted a new feature of urethane sponge that could not be done conventionally.
(2) We have overcome the disadvantages of urethane sponges: "yellow ing quickly," "weak in heat," "rough when touched," and "petroleum products."